JUN 19, 2017 09:20 AM PDT
This Vehicle Literally Crafts Bricks As it Drives
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Making bricks can be hard work, that is, unless you have a vehicle that basically spits bricks out with every turn of the wheel. Fortunately, that's exactly what this machine does; and it can produce bricks so quickly that it spits out almost 300 of them every 60 seconds.

Raw clay is inserted at the top of the machine similarly to the way a dump truck is loaded, and then from there it gets fed through a chute where it meets a wheel-shaped press system. As it gets loaded into the large spinning mold, which is also a wheel for the vehicle, small tolerances between the wheel and the system remove any excess material that isn't needed.

When the perfectly-stamped clay eventually reaches the ground via the rotating wheel, a fully-shaped brick is then pushed out and left on the ground where the wheel just traveled.

The machine continuously spits out soft bricks like this on a wide-open field where the Sun can dry them out and harden them. From there, they are dispatched to retail stores and markets where they are used in construction.

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