DEC 19, 2012 10:20 AM PST
Switch-Grid Test Tube Racks - 1 Rack, 25 Possible Tube Size Combinations
POSTED BY: Teri Rocco
18 25 888 - As space in the lab grows increasingly critical, consolidating different size test tubes within one rack frame can help save valuable space. Switch-Grid Test Tube Racks have a split-frame design that holds up to two different size tubes, from 10mm to 30mm, in the same rack. They are more compact than using multiple racks, giving users more room to work. Switch-Grid Test Tube Racks come with one color-coded size grid set. Additional size grid sets are available separately. Grids can be removed and replaced in seconds. Made of chemical resistant polyoxymethylene plastic, the rack frame and grids can be cleaned easily and are autoclavable. Rubber feet keep racks from sliding on the benchtop and provide secure stacking while in storage.

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