JUN 22, 2017 07:30 AM PDT
New Technology in Breast Cancer Treatment
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In breast cancer, finding disease early can drastically improve outcomes for patients. Another key part of treatment is precision targeting of tumors. Mammograms and self exams are a good way to monitor breast health, but very often small bits of cancer are missed by these methods. Scientists at the University of Western Australia have come up with a handheld imaging probe that can look at tissue samples and see even the tiniest bit of cancer. The device can pick up even bits that are microscopic can be seen with the device.

If radiation treatment is begun, it's important that it's targeted to cancerous tissue and doesn't impact too much of the healthy surrounding tissue. New technology for radiotherapy involves projecting a pattern of light on the patient while an image is created from those light patterns of the rest of the chest area and organs like the heart and lungs. Gauges show patients the movement created as they breathe, so they can control how fast or slow to breathe and not disrupt the radiation. This is reassuring to patients who might be stressed that movement or breathing could cause the therapy to damage other organs.

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