JUN 29, 2017 06:46 AM PDT
Even "Light" Cigarettes Are Bad For You
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There is no dispute that cigarettes cause lung cancer, it says as much on every box. Quitting isn't easy given the addictive nature of cigarettes, and some smokers will cut back or switch to low tar or "light" cigarettes. While any effort to reduce the amount of smoke ingested is a step in the right direction, some smokers believe that light cigarettes are safe but they are not. There is no safe cigarette. There has been a recent increase in a type of lung cancer knowns as adenocarcinoma and it could be connected to increased use of lower tar cigarettes.

To offset the lower amount of tar and nicotine, light cigarettes have tiny holes in the filters that allow more smoke to reach the lungs of the smoker. Smokers may want to cut down on tar and nicotine, but they still like the taste of their brands, and the filter holes are way to keep the taste. Many smokers don't realize this and are actually ingesting more smoke and increasing their risk for adenocarcinoma, which is an aggressive cancer. In addition to tar and nicotine, there are dozens of other chemical in cigarettes, even "lights" and with more of them passing into the lungs, this form of cancer is on the rise despite the number of smokers being on the decline.

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