JUL 28, 2017 08:44 AM PDT
Will We Soon Have Transparent Solar Panels?
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Solar power is undoubtedly the future of renewable energy, but the problem with current solar panel technology is that it's dark and opaque.

If you're planning to get one of Tesla's solar roofs, then you're probably covered, but in cities where larger skyscrapers are much taller than they are wide, a simple solar roof won't be enough to power the entire building.

Engineers and researchers are working together to make something called a solar window more efficient at capturing sunlight and converting it into usable electric energy. They aren't as effective as opaque solar panels, but it's hoped that someday, that will all change.

They're infused with quantum dots that capture the Sun's energy and direct it towards solar cells at the bottom of the window pane.

These would be perfect for lining the sides of skyscrapers that see sunrises and sunsets because they'd always be in the light (except at night, of course). Moreover, you can still see through them like a window, which can't be said about solar cells.

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