AUG 03, 2017 07:19 AM PDT
Keeping Cancer Care Accessible
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With so much encouraging research being done in the field of cancer care, it's easy to think that fairly soon, new treatments in precision therapy, genetic options, and immunotherapy will be readily available to all. The fact is, access to some of the more cutting edge treatment options is not always easy to get. Four organizations involved in funding cancer research have joined forces to make sure that regardless of location, race, gender or other factors, the advances science has brought to cancer care are available to the patients who need them.

Health disparities, where some groups of patients have better access to care, occur in any system and the goal of these four organizations is to reduce those disparities as much as possible in patients who have a cancer diagnosis. Calling it a "moral obligation" the aim to bring in patient advocates, social workers and representatives from the pharmaceutical industry to work on the issue to ensure that care for the most vulnerable patients can be accessed.

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