AUG 05, 2017 08:45 AM PDT
Do you give a crap?
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Do you want to feel good about going to the bathroom? Well, Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper wants not only your body to feel good but your conscience to feel good, too. With 50% of proceeds donated to helping build toilets in developing nations and 100% forest friendly, this toilet paper is more social innovation than toiletries.

Who Gives A Crap was started in an effort to tackle the sanitation problem around the world. Are you aware that 2.4 billion people, or about 40% of the world's population, don't have access to a toilet? Lack of access to safe sanitation causes diarrhea related diseases kill 900 children under 5 every day. Who Gives a Crap thinks that toilets can change that statistic. In fact, studies have shown that one dollar invested in sanitation yields $5.50 in increased economic prosperity. That's why the company partners with non-profit organizations to bring sanitation to those regions who need it most. And they're doing a good job; even though it is a young company, already they've donated $478,500 to improving access to water, hygiene, and basic sanitation!

But the company isn't only making a splash in public health. Who Gives A Crap is environmentally responsible as well. By only using forest friendly materials in all of their products, they have saved 30,797 trees, 74 million liters of water, and 5,922 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Their motto is: trees are for hugging, not wiping. So if you want to make a small change in your life that can make a big difference, consider changing your toilet paper.

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