AUG 06, 2017 08:31 AM PDT
Are Autonomous Police Cars the Way of the Future?
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Automobile manufacturing companies are already revolutionizing the car with fully-autonomous self-driving features, but this could become the norm in the next few years, not just for everyday people, but also for police forces.

Dubai will soon be experimenting with a new type of autonomous surveillance vehicle that can be deployed on the streets to help police forces deter and catch a crime in the act. Fully equipped with cameras and other technology, it will help police monitor the outside world from a safe distance.

This prototype is capable of chasing suspects almost anywhere. It's small and agile, but for situations where a suspect jumps a fence or heads somewhere the car can't go, it comes with a drone that can be deployed to follow the suspect further until police forces can catch up to them on foot.

Like most autonomous car systems, this one runs off electricity. It has batteries that need to be recharged from time to time, and it's smart enough to guide itself to a charging station when the power reserves get low.

Technology is amazing.

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