AUG 06, 2017 04:15 PM PDT
A Novel Glioblastoma Therapy
POSTED BY: Carmen Leitch
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Glioblastoma is a type of aggressive brain tumor, and while it is rare, it's still the most common malignant primary brain tumor in adults, developing from glial cells called astrocytes. There are no potent treatment options for this disease, but researchers have been working to find one. Recent work, however, has revealed a possible new drug target for individuals with glioblastoma.

That target is tyrosine phosphatase receptor type Z or PTPRZ. Scientists at the National Institute for Basic Biology, NIBB, found that PTPRZ is important to stem cell maintenance as well as affecting malignancy in glioblastoma cells. Their work indicated that inhibition of PTPRZ could suppress tumor growth in C6 glioblastoma cells in mouse models. Additionally, the PTPRZ inhibitor NAZ2329 reduced tumor growth in cell culture models and C6 glioblastoma xenografts.

Learn more about the work, which was published in Scientific Reports, from the video. The new data could eventually benefit those diagnosed with glioblastoma, a disease that has a median survival rate of only 14 months.

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