AUG 15, 2017 07:25 AM PDT
Is Wine Really That Complicated?
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Many people enjoy a nice glass of wine, with a meal or just while relaxing, but others are experts in the varietals used, the flavors, how it's stored, poured and paired with food. But is all that fuss legit or just an act? There are some myths about wine and some facts too. The shape of the glass for instance. Yes, this matters. The taste of wine depends on the aroma. Glasses which allow more air and more surface area are easier for the drinker to smell and cause the aroma of the wine to spread. Taller glasses are better for bubbly wine, since the bubbles will disperse and pop in a flat glass versus a flute.

What about letting a wine "breathe?" It depends. The reason for decanting or letting the bottle sit open is to disperse the sulphur dioxide often used as a preservative. It can have an off smell. However, modern winemakers are using less SO2 in wine, so it's not always necessary. One exception is white wine, since the aromas of many whites are more delicate so even a little SO2 will overpower the intended "nose" of the wine. Check out the video for more wine tips like why red wine gives some people a bad hangover (it's not the sulfite!) and whether or not it's worth it to spend more money on an expensive wine.

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