AUG 19, 2017 08:45 AM PDT
Want to Avoid Getting Bitten by Sharks? Follow This Advice
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It wasn't very long ago that George Burgess, the Director of the Florida Program for Shark Research, explained why sharks are unlikely to attack humans in the wild on purpose, but that's not to say instances haven't been on the rise.

Burgess follows up in this video by sharing key facts you need to know to avoid getting attacked by sharks during your stay at the beach.

First, try to swim in groups rather than all alone. There is safety in numbers, and if you're on your own, you're an easier target. Second, avoid swimming from dusk to dawn, as this is the time sharks are most active in feeding. And lastly, avoid swimming places where shark presence is likely, such as channels and inlets, as these sites are full of smaller fish and attract sharks.

While there's no sure-fire way to stop a shark from biting you when you're in the water, these methods can reduce your chances of getting bit significantly. If you see a shark, try to get out of the water as soon as possible for your own safety.

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