AUG 31, 2017 09:40 AM PDT
Different People Get Different Kinds of Acne, Here's Why
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Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in the United States, but not everyone suffers from the same kind. Some people get more pimples than others, and they can appear in different places of the body from person to person.

The main culprit behind acne is bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes, which feeds on the sebum accumulating in our skin's pores. While it sounds cut and dry, it isn't. There are hundreds and perhaps thousands of different strains of this bacteria, all of which influence the body differently.

Some people have one strain of the bacteria, while other people exhibit another. In some cases, people may have mixes of several different strains on their skin at one given time.

Studies now reveal how even healthy skin may carry some forms of this bacteria, which suggests that some may prevent acne rather than causing it.

There is still a lot to learn in regards to why some exhibit worse acne than others, but more research may help find effective cures for acne to help those going through rough puberty from experiencing the embarrassment of a lifetime.

For now, the only thing you can do is keep up with your hygiene, and see a dermatologist if your acne gets out of control.

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