SEP 06, 2017 05:33 AM PDT
Understanding AI and Physics
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Artificial intelligence, or AI, is cutting edge science and many research projects are using it to find ways to develop assistive technology, better medical treatments and so much more. Could AI robots ever replace humans though? Well, machines like calculators, computer servers, and some kinds of factory machinery can outperform humans for certain tasks, but what about other jobs that require thought and consideration? In this video, physicist Max Tegmark explains some of what goes into intelligence, and why it's not entirely impossible or some machines to have intelligence.

Regarding physics, the processing the brain does to figure out a problem is about certain particles moving about, and none of the laws of physics say that man-made equipment couldn't be engineered to do the same kind of processing. History has shown a gradual increase in the ability of machines to learn, so there is likely much more to be discovered about AI. The biggest concern shouldn't be about whether or not machines could turn evil, but rather how good they might get at their tasks. Aligning the goals of AI with the goals of the humans who will use it should be the first concern.

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