SEP 09, 2017 06:15 AM PDT
Watch This Surgical Robot Perform Stitches on a Grape
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The Da Vinci surgical system is a type of human-controlled robot capable of performing surgery through a very tight space. In this video, which demonstrates how the system works, a surgeon tests the device by stitching the skin of a grape back onto the plucked berry.

To put the system through the ultimate trial run, the surgeon performs the stitching through the cramped top of a bottle; this test demonstrates how the robot can work inside of a tighter space than any human hand could muster.

More importantly, a grape's skin is incredibly thin, so it requires high precision to perform this kind of maneuver without tearing the skin or otherwise goofing up the procedure. Most human hands would be incapable of this challenge without tearing the grape skin, which highlights just how capable of the Da Vinci surgical system is under the circumstances.

If you weren't impressed yet, it's worth noting how the robotic arms have a higher degree of motion than human hands do, so it can get more done without the shakiness a human surgeon would have.

Pretty impressive!

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