SEP 12, 2017 05:40 PM PDT
How to save seeds
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Have you ever tried to grow a plant from the seeds in your pepper or green bean or avocado? Unless your veggie is an heirloom species, it's unlikely that your seed actually grew into a fertile plant. But if you want to change this, you can embark on a mission to save seeds from the fruits (and veggies) of your garden! Watch the video to get some tips on how to start saving seeds, particularly pea seeds. You can also visit this useful resource:

Why should you even bother to save seeds in the first place when you can just buy them? Well, turns out you can save a whole lot of money for your seed saving efforts year after year if you're not buying new seed packets. Additionally, by saving seeds you can act as a protector of genetic diversity for many species that are on the brink of disappearing. And it doesn't hurt that the flavor or heirloom produce is on a whole other level from that of the fruits and vegetables you can buy in the supermarket!

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