SEP 14, 2017 11:06 AM PDT
This Watch May Help People With Parkinson's Disease Draw and Write
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Parkinson's Disease gets in the way of many people's lives, but a researcher named Haiyan Zhang with Microsoft invented an incredible new watch that might be able to help those suffering from the disease with writing without jitteriness.

Parkinson's causes the hands to shark uncontrollably just about all the time; this makes it hard for anyone with the disease to write as neatly as a person without the disease would.

The watch connects to the user's Windows tablet and 'pulses' on the wrist with a particular rhythm. Moreover, it utilizes a plethora of vibrating motors that help distract the patient's brain, enabling them to draw or write without the shakiness.

Experts don't fully understand why this method seems to work, but there's undeniable proof that wearing the pulsing watch appears to help Parkinson's patients. Additional research is underway to learn more about the disease and whether this incredible technology can be dispersed to the masses to change lives.

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