SEP 15, 2017 09:12 AM PDT
Are Self-Driving Garbage Trucks Coming to a Neighborhood Near You?
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Tesla is perhaps the best-known name for self-driving cars today, but other automobile manufacturers are also trying to join the race. Volvo is just one of them, and they've created a fully-autonomous garbage truck.

This truck can dodge other cars and avoid kids or other hazards that make their way into the road thanks to safety sensors all around the vehicle. It can drive itself around an entire route while just one sanitation worker walks closely behind the truck to dump garbage cans.

The concept is already being tested in Sweden, but it's unknown if or when the autonomous garbage trucks will make a worldwide appearance.

As cool as it sounds, the concept might have some burn-backs for humanity. Case in point, trash pickups are typically a two-person job, requiring a driver and a fetcher. This concept does away with this, making it a one-person job instead.

We're slowly closing in on a future where robots do most of our tedious work for us. It's both fascinating and scary, especially if you've seen the Terminator movies.

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