SEP 16, 2017 03:46 PM PDT
Everyone Loses When You Never Shower
POSTED BY: Xuan Pham
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Despite the most adamant testament to the contrary, we all smell (though some more pungent than others). Body odor is simply a natural part of being a mammal. But what would happen if you forgo soaps and deodorants - that is, what if you never showered?

For the gutsy person who decides to take on this experiment, you can surely expect odor (and lots of it). The cause of unpleasant odors result from the skin bacteria metabolizing the sweat and dead skin. By skipping the shower, more sweat and dead skin will accumulate, which turns into more "food" for bacteria to feast on, which means more odor will emanate from the body.

Speaking of bacteria, these microbes don't like to travel alone. Not only do they multiply in a flash, they also recruit their friends to join in on your skin. This could lead to skin fungus or yeast infections that may turn into warty growths. And let's not get into what would happen if these external microbes migrate into your system...

While skipping the shower forever may sound harmless, it could pose actual health threats (not to mention your social standing). So, why risk it if you can just hop on in the shower?

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