SEP 19, 2017 11:56 AM PDT
How to Eat Pudding in Outer Space
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When you go to eat some pudding, you probably open a sealed dish and dip your spoon inside so you can start scooping it into your mouth. On the other hand, eating pudding in the microgravitational conditions of space onboard the International Space Station is entirely different.

In this video, NASA astronaut Jack Ficher demonstrates what it's like toe at pudding on the International Space Station. The pudding is sealed inside of vacuum-packed pouches and then squeezed onto the spoon.

Because the astronaut is in microgravity, there's no mess involved in putting the entire pudding serving on the spoon all at once. On Earth, doing this would leave a big mess on the floor below you, but in Space, it creates a giant pudding tower.

Because microgravity works differently than gravity on Earth, the pudding sticks to itself much like water would. This Fischer's pudding tower to stand upright unhindered, allowing him to munch off of the top.

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