SEP 20, 2017 07:32 AM PDT
Rinse Both Eyes at Once with Plum Duo Eye Wash
POSTED BY: Teri Rocco
2 2 110 The unique design of Plum Duo eye wash eliminates the need to choose which eye to rinse first in an emergency. The dual eye piece keeps both eyes open, allowing the delivery of solution to both eyes at the same time. Two gentle streams of solution flow form the inner eyes toward the outside to keep tear ducts free from further contamination. The solution can be dispensed upright or inverted with just a twist of the cap. Use the pH neutralizing solution to neutralize acids or alkalis to a harmless level in 20 seconds or less. The 0.9% sterile saline mimics human tears for effective rinsing of dirt and debris. Pictogram instructions on stations and bottles overcome language barriers.
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