OCT 09, 2017 02:18 PM PDT
You're Probably Popping Your Pimples Wrong
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Pimples can be annoying, and they like to appear in the most inconvenient places. At times, your first reaction might be to get rid of it by popping it, but science shows that most people pop their pimples incorrectly.

If you're like most, then you probably just get a firm grip on your skin and squeeze until the pus breaks through the surface. On the other hand, this can make pimples look even worse and open the door to new infections.

A better way to tackle a pimple is to wait until the pus gets close enough to the surface of your skin to form a firm white head. Once it does, use a sterilized needle to poke a hole through it. Most household sewing needles work great for this, and you can sterilize it with a flame from a lighter.

After puncturing the pimple with your sterilized needle, grapple it with a set of Q-tips on either side to squeeze the puss out. Then, use rubbing alcohol to clean the skin around the unsightly mark to prevent more bacteria from entering the wound.

Be mindful that popping pimples in any capacity can lead to scarring, so pop at your own risk!

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