OCT 11, 2017 03:38 PM PDT
Think You Could Migrate as Far as an Animal?
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When it comes to migration, some animals go on vast treks to get from one part of the world to another. This behavior isn't limited to flying animals like birds; even land creatures and ocean dwellers migrate, and it's typically dependent on the time of the year.

Some animals migrate farther than others, but as you probably expected, land animals tend to migrate shorter distances than those that can use flight or swimming to get from one place to another, and energy consumption has a lot to do with that.

Regarding land animals, the porcupine caribou is the farthest-migrating critter of them all, migrating up to 3,000 miles at a time. Another worthy contender is the blue whale, which travels up to 10,440 miles at a time and is the farthest-migrating mammal in the entire animal kingdom.

Outside of the realm of land animals and mammals are various kinds of migratory fish and birds. Great white sharks travel as much as 12,400 miles at a time, while birds like the sooty shearwater and arctic tern migrate well over 40,000 miles at a time.

Most humans don't even travel as far as the humble porcupine caribou during their trips, so it's almost mind-boggling to conceptualize just how far many of the world's other animal species travel.

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