OCT 25, 2017 11:49 AM PDT
See How Drones Combat Animal Poaching
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Animal poaching is a notable problem around the globe. Thousands of animals are slaughtered every year for monetary gain, and as history shows, it has a negative influence on animal populations and brings many species closer to extinction.

While conservationists can't stand guard over thousands of miles of land 24-7, machines can. Experts are now deploying specialized drones that can record footage from up above over parts of Africa, where poaching is a common sight.

Not only can these camera-equipped eyes in the skies catch existing poachers in the act, but they also deter others from moving forward with their sinister plans. Even in the dark, the drones can continue their surveillance.

There is apparently scientific evidence to show that flying drones over endangered animals' habitats 'drastically reduces or stops' animal poaching in that region. That said, this concept is sure to gain traction as drone technology advances and becomes more capable.

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