NOV 06, 2017 04:54 AM PST
Did You Inherit Your Brain Activity?
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Much like hair color, eye color, and other physical traits, researchers have now shown that patterns of brain activity are also heritable. In research published recently from Oregon Health and Science University, scientists were able to show that the connectotype, which is each person's specific brain activity, can be passed down from parents to children. The team used MRI studies from 350 adult and child siblings to arrive at their conclusion. Looking at the data from the MRIs, the researchers were able to identify siblings and twins, just by analyzing the connectotype.

The research showed that five areas of the brain showed heritability. The team at OSHU hopes to use this information to develop better ways to treat and identify neurological problems such as autism or ADHD. If MRI scans are available for family members, the team believes that data could be useful in determining the early signs of conditions that impact the brain and learning. In many of these conditions, the earlier treatment is begun, the better the outcome.

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