NOV 28, 2017 08:05 AM PST
A Watch That Uses Artificial Intelligence for Fitness Tracking
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While fitness trackers like FitBits seem to be everywhere, a new device to monitor health is being developed, and it aims to go much further than just keeping track of steps and heart rate. Called the MAP Health Watch, a cell phone is part of the device, and it can monitor pulse, skin temperature, heart rate and even oxygen saturation levels and ECG data. It is using artificial intelligence to "learn" each wearer's specific health issues. Developers say that the longer a person wears the watch, the better it becomes since the machine learning algorithms in the software will know when to alert the user to dangerous health conditions. It also tells time, with a somewhat retro analog face and hands.

Users can subscribe to a service that regularly analyzes their data and provides feedback from doctors on health measures that should be taken, based on the data collected. In some cases, depending on what the user signs up for, the watch can even summon an ambulance if certain medical conditions are detected such as an irregular heartbeat or low blood oxygenation. It also has a panic button that when pushed, prompts a call to the wearer from a medical professional via the phone that is built in.
The device is still in the testing phase, however, once production is begun the company will have medical teams in the US and Hungary.

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