DEC 02, 2017 05:10 PM PST
Stem Cells in the Research Lab
POSTED BY: Carmen Leitch
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Now that stem cells can be easily made from adult skin cells, many research avenues have been opened up. The Gladstone Institute is here to tell you about some of the ways that these fantastic cells are being utilized to advance science, expand biomedical research and improve patient treatment.

Stem cells might be able to help us regenerate tissue that we have lost, in ways that were previously impossible. They are already being used in patients, such as in one kind of leukemia treatment.

They are also being used in many ways in the laboratory. In one example, organoids, miniature models of human organs, can be constructed from stem cells. That makes for a much more realistic testing ground for researchers. Now animal models are not the only way to assess the effects of new drugs or to investigate what might be going wrong in disease. Learn more from the video.

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