DEC 05, 2017 10:02 AM PST
Here's What It'd Be Like if the Earth Was Flat
3 20 1620

If you ask around about whether the Earth is flat or round, you'll probably receive different answers depending on who you ask. Despite oodles of proof suggesting that the Earth is round like a sphere, many still believe Earth is flat.

To discern the truth, one need only study the effects of gravity, the force that keeps everything together on our comfy little planet.

If the Earth were flat, then gravity would behave much differently than it does currently. Consequently, trees would grow in different directions, sports would feel impossible to play in certain parts of the world, and ocean waters would gather near the center of the flat disk.

All the science indicates Earth is round, not flat. Fortunately, that's a positive thing for all of us, as a flat Earth would be a complicated place to live.

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