DEC 05, 2017 05:59 PM PST
Your kids could have brain damage if you live near a fracking site
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According to new research, five chemicals used in the process of fracking are linked to permanent brain damage, particularly for newborn babies and children. The Center for Environmental Health reports that exposure to these chemicals can lead to learning and developmental disorders as well as neurological birth defects. The study cautions that exposure can come through water sources as well as the air and that families living near fracking sites should be aware of the health hazards.

"All of the traditional types of energy, coal, oil, gas, have health problems connected to them. We really need to be aiming towards renewable energies. It's time we do something different," says Caroline Cox, research director of the Center for Environmental Health, the agency that published the review article which unites all the research on the topic from the field. Cox says that we must take preventative action in regards to changing policies before we see more damage in children and young babies. Watch the video to learn more.

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