JAN 11, 2018 08:13 AM PST
These "Young" Ladies Know How to Age Gracefully
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Living to 100 years of age isn't something most people get to do. Currently, the life expectancy for women in the United States is 81 years. Getting almost two decades past that takes some dedicated self-care, healthy habits, and not a small amount of spunk. The women in this video have all hit the century mark, and while none of them are doctors, they do seem to have a lot of good advice on how to get to that magic age of 100 or more.

Eating a proper diet, staying away from smoking and getting some exercise are all pieces of advice from doctors to their patients, but these women have lived it. Many of them talk about their favorite foods or the activities that they enjoyed and the common thread throughout the discussion is that looking after your health is a personal responsibility. One woman says that her doctor advised her to take a shot of brandy each day 45 years ago. She's still following that advice, along eating good food and moving whenever she can. Getting to 100 years old isn't easy, and sometimes, even the best habits won't guarantee anything, but if attitude counts, these women are definitely on the right track.

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