JAN 19, 2018 08:35 AM PST
E-Traces Draw "Memories" of Dancer's Footwork
POSTED BY: Julia Travers
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The aesthetic appreciation of dance has entered a new realm - that of drawing a memory or record of the movements of a ballet dancers' graceful, highly tuned feet.

With the use of Lilypad Arduino technology, these high-tech pointé shoes record the arcs and turns of dancers' feet, enabling them to digitally draw through exercise with a mobile app. Pressure and movement are recorded and displayed "graphically" within the app, translating the flow of their dance into a 2D artwork. Visual effects can be customized as well. The drawing can be viewed as a video or printed. The creators believe this technology and the resulting images could create interesting talking points between dancers and be used in any genre of dance. Designer Lesia Trubat González of Barcelona is the inventive dreamer and maker behind this moving innovation (on Twitter @LesiaTG)

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