JAN 29, 2018 06:54 PM PST
Check Out What Experts Are Calling "The Forest of the Weird"
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Below the ocean's surface, the bottom landscapes aren't all smooth. You'd find mountainous terrains just like what you see on dry land. In some places, you might even discover these unique underwater forests.

The underwater forest in this video, which experts call "the forest of the weird," is chock full of glass sponges. These glass sponges stay precisely where you see them for the duration of their lives without ever moving an inch.

You might also be able to discern how all the glass sponges face the same way, and that's because underwater currents are moving down the mountainous terrain and causing the glass sponges to grow a specific way - namely, against the flow.

Although it looks like something right out of an alien planet, this actually exists right here on Earth. It's incredible to think just how much is happening right under our ocean's surface that we don't know about.

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