JAN 31, 2018 06:35 AM PST
Is Yoga Really Good for Your Health?
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Do yoga they said. It will be great they said. OK, it is helpful. Millions of people practice yoga and use it to stay healthy, to stay calm, to quiet stress and help with other factors of mental fog, clarity, and anxiety. But it's not easy. It takes some work to get into the habit, to let go and to fully realize the benefits it can offer. 20 million yogis can't be wrong, right?

Yoga, while currently on trend, is actually an ancient art, that is rooted in the Hindu faith and includes the goal of gaining enlightenment as well as being a fitness practice and a way to alleviate stress. Asana is the part of yoga that involves poses and is what most are familiar with, but it's more than that. Yoga has multiple benefits for the brain, including study after study that affirms the positive mental effects that come with practicing yoga. Some studies have shown that chemicals in the brain that regulate mood are affected by yoga. So, Namaste and get down into that warrior pose and get healthy.

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