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Cell penetrating peptides-Creative Peptides
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Cellular uptake of biologically active molecules is an important subject in scientific research. While application of cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs, also known as Protein Transduction Domains) for delivering biologically active molecules across cellular membranes into cells was an important breakthrough in cell biology, and the research in this field has gained much attention in recent years. Most CPPs are relatively short peptides that consist of less than 40 amino acids and are able to enter cells through various ways, including endocytosis and energy-independent pathway. Because of strong cell penetrating capability, CPPs are further able to assist in the intracellular delivery of covalently or non-covalently conjugated bioactive cargos, ranging from small chemical drugs and nanoparticles to large plasmid DNA. https://www.creative-peptides.com/services/cell-penetrating-peptides-synthesis-services.html

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