FEB 26, 2018 07:46 PM PST
What You Need to Know About NASA's Upcoming InSight Mission
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While we know a lot about the inside of the Earth, we can't really say the same about Mars. NASA hopes to change that with its InSight mission, which will carefully probe Mars' inner layers to learn more about what's happening beneath the surface.

The InSight lander will investigate three significant factors concerning the red planet, including seismic activity, inner-layer temperature, and orbital wobble.

Seismic activity will help us learn whether Mars is tectonically-active like Earth. The temperature will give us clues about how much heat is flowing from the planet's core. And lastly, the orbital wobble will teach us more about the planet's orbital rhythm.

We still have several more weeks to go before InSight launches from the Californian coast, but it won't be long after the probe arrives at Mars before it unveils some of the planet's hidden secrets.

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