MAR 16, 2018 05:41 PM PDT
When Animals Rain From The Sky
POSTED BY: Nouran Amin
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We all heard the statement "It's raining cats and dogs!", and while this is not meant to be taken literally, there is some truth in raining animals. Believe it or not, animals have been documented to fall from the sky in multiple incidents. Many historical paintings and drawings demonstrate raining animals. In fact, one historical account describes how French soldiers in 1794 witnessed raining toads in Lalain, France. There is also a town in the Honduras known as Yoro where it's residents state falling fish every summer which later became called as "Llivia de Peces" (rain of fish). Meteorologists have long been urged to explain the science of falling animals. A French physicist by the name of Andre-Marie actually studied raining animals determined to provide a logical explanation. However, the most common cases of animals falling from the sky include fish and amphibians but all raining animals have been small creatures with mostly being aquatic. Therefore, it is believed that winds may serve as a scientific explanation. Winds can pick up the small creatures from one location to another, making it appear like it was raining straight from the sky.

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