MAR 26, 2018 03:04 PM PDT
A breakthrough in microwave laser!
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MASER is a LASER equivalent in microwave electromagnetic spectrum, and its generation device was invented much before the LASER. However, not much progress has been made in expending its application beyond astronomy, while LASER now permeates in every aspect of the modern world. The main reason is due to single-digit Kelvin level ultra-low temperature requirement in generating MASER. However, a newly published paper in a reputed journal of Nature for the first time shows proof of principle for generating room temperature maser. This paper describes a new method for generating MASER at room temperature using diamond. It is not the first time where room temperature MASER has been described, previous attempts were made using organic compound, but they are stable for a short time. This new method uses diamond with nitrogen impurities for stable generation of MASER.

Diamond maser amplifier working at room temperature without noise can bring significant benefits to scientist communities working in the field of deep-space communication and radio astronomy, where very week electromagnetic signals from far reach of the universe can be amplified without the use of super-cooling. It can be expended further in the field of medical imaging, weather prediction, secure communication, and quantum technologies. MASER can be much better than laser in these fields as the microwave can penetrate obstacles, unlike light which is easily obstructed by its medium.

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