MAR 27, 2018 08:17 PM PDT
The First Martian Visitors Will Have Some Challenges to Overcome
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SpaceX's successful Falcon Heavy rocket launch in February marked a significant milestone for space travel. It's potentially the most capable rocket for sending astronauts to Mars. But one of the most significant questions concerning a Mars visitation isn't how we'll get there, but instead where the first visitors will land and settle themselves and how they'll survive there.

Planetary scientists have a lot to consider when making this decision, such as picking a place that's rich in water and has plenty of fertile soil.

Most of Mars is just like a desolate desert, but scientists think there's frozen water ice just beneath the Martian surface that visitors could take advantage of. Obviously, the first Martian settlers would need to land somewhere near an area with a lot of water ice to utilize it for their needs.

Martian visitors will also need to learn to grow their own food to survive. Water ice is vital for this, but so is fertile soil, and Earthworms may be able to help. As it seems, Earthworms survive and reproduce quite well in replicated Martian soil, so they could help make for great soil maintainers.

There are several potential landing sites for the first Martian explorers in mind, and the video touches on these briefly. Fortunately, we're quite familiar with some of them thanks to the rovers we've sent to the red planet. Perhaps the data we've obtained from our rovers over the years will help humankind choose the right landing zone.

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