MAR 29, 2018 06:41 AM PDT
The Spices of Life?
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Spices can improve the taste of any dish, and many of them are staples of certain kinds of cuisine like curry in Indian food or oregano in Italian dishes. But some spices have a bonus of being good for you too. One of the better-known spices that many uses to improve health is turmeric. Its inflammation-fighting properties are highly prized. Cinnamon is another spice that not only tastes good in a pie or on a coffee roll, but the scent of it can help calm stress and improve mental focus. Saffron adds a delicious flavor to rice and has properties that can improve mood.

While every person is different and many spices could interact with medications, the practice of using spices and extracts for medical purposes was common in ancient times. Scientists know now that the gut microbiome is a significant part of overall health and a spice blend called za'atar is becoming popular for gut health. It's a mixture of hyssop leaves, sumac, sesame, and salt and it's been in use since Biblical times.

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