APR 02, 2018 07:15 PM PDT
Does Mars Experience Marsquakes?
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On Earth, we sometimes experience something called an Earthquake; this is when Earth's tectonic plates shift in such a way that the ground vibrates beneath us. On the other hand, Mars doesn't have tectonic plates, so would we ever experience a Marsquake on the red planet?

Planetary scientists think we might, but not from tectonic activity. Instead, Marsquakes would occur from alternative sources, such as asteroid impacts, magma flow activity, and internal planetary cooling and warming.

NASA's upcoming InSight (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations) lander will investigate Marsquakes in an attempt to understand the red planet better. As these vibrations occur beneath the red planet's surface, we can better map out the interior layers of Mars to obtain a better idea of how it formed.

No one's sure how many Marsquakes InSight will detect, but it should be interesting to see what we might learn from deploying this mission.

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