APR 25, 2018 09:01 AM PDT
When I first saw: blindness cured
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This short film from National Geographic and Blue Chalk Media follows the stories of two poor sisters living in India who have been blind since birth. The girls, Sonia and Anita, are given the opportunity of the lifetime: to be able to see. Through a surgery that costs just $300 and takes only 15 minutes, the non-profit organization 20/20/20 provides free operations to people in developing countries who would not otherwise be able to afford the procedure. As National Geographic explains, "These procedures empower people in impoverished communities to create better futures."

The name 20/20/20 aptly refers to 20/20 vision, while also playing on the 20 million children and adults who are blind. Unfortunately, for many of these people, the possibility of coming up with $300 for such an operation is just not an option. To learn more about blindness around the world and get inspired to help the cause, watch the video!

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