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Don't ignore these symbols if they pop up in your dreams!
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Here are 10 dream symbols that you should never ignore if they appear during your nighttime snooze:

1. Falling. Falling is often a symbol for losing control, whether that be within your relationship, with your family, or your job, if you're falling in your dreams, you might want to take a look into your life to figure out what's going on that makes you feel out of control.
2. Clothing. What you're wearing in your dream can symbolize how you feel on the inside - are you looking good (and feeling good)? Or are your clothes torn to shreds? You might be on the path to burn-out.
3. Flying. Flying can symbolize confidence, optimism, and freedom. Just remember that you can't actually fly.
4. Teeth. Can't stop seeing teeth at night? It could be that your fear of growing older is expressing itself through your dreams!
5. Locked doors. A house can be a representation of an inner psyche, and a locked door within your house is usually an ominous sign - that you're trying to repress something from yourself.
6. TV and Radio. These are classic signs of communication. Your mind is trying to tell you something!
7. Marriage. Marriage in your dreams is an attempt to bring your inner feminine and masculine in balance with each other. It can also comment on how your approach relationships.
8. Fish. Now, it depends on the type of fish you see - it could mean that you're about to get rich, or that you're going to cheat on your partner. Watch the video to find out more!
9. Eclipse. Not a good sign - perhaps you have a fatal disease coming your way...
10. Birds. Like the fish, the type of bird matters, so watch the video to learn more!

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