MAY 13, 2018 05:44 PM PDT
What Might Hearing From Aliens Actually Sound Like?
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Astronomers have long-theorized about the presence of intelligent alien life elsewhere in the universe, but humankind has yet to discover it anywhere officially.

Delicate instruments, both on Earth and in space, are listening and looking for signs of alien life. The only problem? We don't actually know how intelligent aliens might be signaling to us from so many light years away, and so we don't really know what to look for.

Adding fuel to the fire, the universe isn't a quiet place. We receive radio signals and more from all kinds of calamitous events, such as fast-radio bursts (FRBs), black hole mergers, and more. Filtering these kinds of events from potential communication signals is something astronomers have to consider.

Observation equipment has evolved momentously in recent decades, so despite the lack of apparent communication efforts, researchers haven't given up all hope just yet. Nevertheless, the question concerning whether we're indeed alone out there and if we might ever discover distress calls from intelligent alien life forms remains a curious mystery.

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