MAY 16, 2018 06:16 PM PDT
There Could Be Life on Venus After All...
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Of all the places in the solar system where you might find alien life, Venus seems unlikely. But counting Venus out merely because of its hellish conditions may have been a significant oversight.

Perplexing clouds within the upper levels of the Venusian atmosphere change their size and shape very quickly, and the dark spots they leave behind seem reminiscent of the motions inside of a lava lamp. But what are they?

According to scientists, these dark spots may indicate traces of microbial life that float around in the Venusian atmosphere. While the acidic clouds aren't as welcoming as the watery ones found on Earth, scientists have found bacteria that can live in these environments in India and it may not be too eccentric to think that similar microbes exist on Venus.

Obviously, these clues aren't as compelling as hard evidence would be. That said, NASA will need to send a probe to Venus to validate or debunk this theory.

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