JUN 04, 2015 10:50 PM PDT
This is What it's Like to Make a Burrito in Space
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When you're in outer space, microgravity makes it so that you practically free-float.

As you can imagine, being cooped up in the International Space Station for months at a time leaves astronauts with limited food supplies. All of their food is delivered every few months by supply ships and comes prepared in little sealed bags.

In this video, one astronaut by the name of Samantha Cristoforetti demonstrates how a burrito is made in outer space.

Watching the burrito float around in front of the astronaut is the fun part, but watching the ingredients build up on the tortilla bread without falling off because of the lack of Earth-like gravity is what makes it so cool.

Everyone should be allowed to make a burrito in space at least once in their lives...

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