JUN 05, 2015 06:40 PM PDT
How Much Is Radiation Mutating Astronaut Brains?
POSTED BY: Will Hector
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Space madness-the term NASA originally coined to describe a psychotic episode it worried would beset one of its astronauts while on a mission-is only one risk to the health of astronauts.

Concerns over the possibility of a space madness onset warranted an official protocol whereby the astronaut would be restrained with duct tape and given a sedative. Neuroscientist Andrew Newberg suggests that space travel reshapes the way the human brain works. The normal activity of mood-altering hormones are inhibited by zero gravity, and hallucinations such as light flashes have been reported by numerous astronauts.

But gene-altering doses of radiation may be a more legitimate concern. There has yet to be a definitive answer as to how much the brains of astronauts are being mutated by radiation.

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