JUN 10, 2015 10:26 PM PDT
The Personal Laser Gun You Always Wished You Had is Now a Reality
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Lasers are super awesome things to play with, but when you get into the super heavy-duty stuff, like this awesome 40-watt laser shotgun it's mandatory to put on eye protection and you have to be super careful with them to prevent injury.

The guy behind this 40-watt laser shotgun is using a powerful laser array, powered by a huge lithium battery pack. It's so powerful that it needs a huge heat sink mounted to the back of the laser array. A huge magnifying lens further improves the power of the laser.

He does various things with it in the video, including lighting wood and paper on fire, exploding some black powder, popping balloons, igniting flammable chemicals, and more.

We can't be too far from Han Solo's personal laser shooter after having seen this super awesome laser shotgun.

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