JUN 11, 2015 05:15 AM PDT
On the list, off the list and on the list again...
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No, it's not the VIP list at a hot club, it's the endangered species list. Once a species is placed on the list, some might think that's the end, next stop, extinction. Not so fast. Thanks to dedicated conservationists, some species that were endangered came back from the brink, increasing their numbers.

If a species gets its numbers back up to a certain level, they are "de-listed" or taken off the endangered list and monitored for a period of years until it's shown that they can sustain themselves.

Sadly after heroic measures and conservation efforts that take years, some de-listed species wind up endangered again, due to hunting, poaching and human action. Such is the case of the grey wolves who were classified as endangered, got de listed when their numbers grew and are now endangered again because of being over hunted. Come on people, make up your minds. We can save these animals once and for all.

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