JUN 20, 2015 11:27 PM PDT
Ten of the Weirdest Looking Animals You Might Have Ever Seen
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While most people think of animals as cute, there are a wide variety of animals out there that are just outright bizarre looking. Not every animal can be as adorable as a pet kitten or puppy.

In this video, ten very odd animals are detailed and explained. Among the examples are:

- Star-nosed mole
- Aye aye
- Pink fairy armadillo
- Proboscis monkey
- Komondor dog
- Axolotl
- Irrawaddy dolphin
- Sarcastic fringehead
- Tarsier
- Japanese giant spider crab

After seeing all of these strange-looking animals and learning about what they're all about, we have to step back and think about just what kind of freak show nature is trying to put on here.

I personally find some of the animals goofy looking, and others just too weird to even want to touch or look at.

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