JUN 28, 2018 08:30 AM PDT

Introducing the Lyo-Stable service, with the Ready-To-Go Technology inside

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  • Custom Manufacturing Service Leader, GE Healthcare
      Matthew Davies is the Custom Manufacturing Service Leader working in the Genomics and Diagnostic Solutions business of GE Healthcare. He's based in one of the company's Manufacturing Centre of Excellence sites in Cardiff, UK. Matthew has over 20 years experience working as a scientist across many sectors, including multinational pharmaceuticals, academia, forensics and the Nation Health Service (NHS). Matthew has worked with GE for the past 6 years and in his current role provides custom service solutions to companies worldwide. These include the Lyo-Stable service, with the Ready-To-Go (RTG) technology inside.

    DATE: June 28, 2018
    TIME: 08:30AM PDT
    Introducing GE’s new Lyo-Stable™ service.
    Are you developing a temperature sensitive assay? GE has been manufacturing true room temperature stable antibodies and PCR reagents for over 20 years. Now, you can benefit from GE’s expertise, manufacturing excellence and global supply chain by using our Lyo-Stable service with Ready-To-Go™ technology locked in.
    In this webinar you’ll learn how GE’s Lyo-Stable service with its proprietary excipients can:
    • Reduce shipping costs by allowing you to ship your product worldwide at ambient temperature.
    • Increase the shelf life of your product.
    • Streamline your (and your customers’) workflow.
    • Simplify storage by eliminating the need for cold storage.
    Learn how GE’s Lyo-Stable service with Ready-To-Go technology locked in can benefit your assays, antibodies, proteins or enzymes.

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