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QC lab optimization through Lean Six Sigma methodology

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  • QC Manager, GE Healthcare
      Neal Dunne has a Ph.D. in Industrial Microbiology and has 15 years experience within the Food & Pharmaceutical industries. Neal is currently the QC Manager within GE Healthcare and has worked in both Technical and Management roles within QC and QA over the last 8 years. He led a Lean Laboratory project within QC, commencing in 2012 and has also undertaken Six Sigma training and completed a Green Belt project. His laboratory is currently targeting becoming the first Certified Lean 6 Sigma Laboratory within the GE Healthcare Diagnostic Imaging network.
    • QC Specialist, GE Healthcare
        Aisling McAuliffe has an Honours Degree in Analytical Chemistry with Quality Assurance and a Higher Diploma in Health, Safety & Welfare at Work. Aisling has worked with GE Healthcare for 16 years. She worked as QC Finished Product Group leader for 15 years and moved to the QC Specialist role in April 2014. She was trained on six sigma in 2014 and is currently working on her first QC green belt project. She recently completed Lean lab certification training and is working on implementing a certified lean lab in Cork.
      • QC Finished Product Group Leader, GE Healthcare
          Donal O'Callaghan is a qualified Six Sigma Green Belt with over 12 year experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Donal joined GE Healthcare Cork as the QC Finished Product Group Leader in April 2014. Prior to this he worked with MSD (Ireland) in both Learning & Development Roles as well as Lean Six Sigma support roles. In this role he implemented Lean Labs across the Micro, Chemistry , Bioassay and Raw Materials Labs in MSD Cork, achieving significant productivity gains.
        • Product Specialist, GE Healthcare
            Giles' career spans 25 years of optimizing varied filtration techniques in support of laboratory testing. He is currently a Product Specialist at GE where he advises R&D, Manufacturing, and commercial teams as well as our customers in application specific uses of the Whatman product range. Prior to this he has had previous roles in field sales and academia. Giles holds a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and a Master's degree in Science in Education and Communication.


          DATE:   July 22, 2015
          TIME:    16:00 CET/10:00 EDT/7:00 PDT

          Significant improvements in the reliability or speed of analysis of your results can be achieved with small changes in the QC processes and optimization of the workflow. Building on GE's core strength for process excellence, Neal and his team applied Lean methodology to their QC lab and are currently working to become the first Certified Lean Six Sigma Laboratory within GE Healthcare Life Sciences Core Imaging.

          What did they do to achieve this?

          • Benchmarked other nearby manufacturers

          • Deep dive into their own QC processes and;

          • Made signification progress in optimizing their workflows.

          Join Neal and his team as they discuss their journey, the outcomes they have seen so far and where they go next…

          The Webinar will be followed by a live Q&A session.

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